Vision & Mission

los angeles from griffith observatory

We are a powerful alumni network that is connected, convicted, and committed to transformational change for our students and communities. Their opportunities to be college and career ready will be tangibly impacted by this network, poised for revolutionary change at every level.

Our mission is to ensure that the second half of the movement serves to inspire, support, and best position our diverse and significant alumni base for greatest impact in the fight for educational equity and opportunity.

Our Commitment
We commit to elevate all leadership opportunities for maximum impact. We connect and amplify opportunities for alumni development, communication, and engagement. We join our community in solidarity to change what is possible for kids in Los Angeles.

Our Impact
When we create a positive and supportive space for diverse leadership to flourish, as an organization and an Alumni Leadership & Engagement team, we create opportunities for our students to see themselves in those leaders. Thus, we enhance the momentum for transformational change and an understanding of what’s possible for kids in Los Angeles.

Our Challenge to Our Alumni
As alumni of Teach For America, what role will I play in continuing to advocate, engage, and lead toward educational equity and opportunity for all children?