Meet the Team

Nicole M. Delaney (Los Angeles '97)
Managing Director, Alumni Leadership & Involvement
In her free time, Nicole is working on becoming the next Giada De Laurentiis, loves to travel, and has a crazy love for Bikram yoga. Contact Nicole here.

Marlin Padilla (New York City '03)
Director, Alumni Leadership & Involvement
Marlin thinks every day should end at South Coast Plaza. Contact Marlin here.

Raul Hernandez (Baltimore '03)
Director, Alumni Leadership & Involvement
Raul grew up in Los Angeles before heading to the Midwest for college, the East Coast for teaching, and finally returned home to California to buy a house, a dog, and a baby (he didn’t have to buy the baby). Contact Raul here.

Kayti Stukenberg (Charlotte '12)
Associate, Alumni Leadership & Involvement
Kayti is excited to be back home in California after teaching middle school in Charlotte, NC. She now is catching up on spending time at the beach, drinking lots of juice and finding new places to explore in Los Angeles. Contact Kayti here.

Luis Figueroa
Associate, Alumni Leadership & Involvement
Luis is the next Anthony Bourdain, willing to try anything even if he pays the price. Contact Luis here.