Alumni Spotlight: David Carr

Name: David Carr
Corps Year & Region: Los Angeles '93
About: David was placed to teach English Language Development (ELD) at Compton High School. In 1996 David switched districts and grade levels. He taught ELD at Franklin Middle School from 1996-1998. In the summer of ’98 David joined the Teach for America Los Angeles office staff as a program director. From 1998-2001 David worked on recruitment, placement of teachers and the professional development of the Los Angeles corps. In the fall of 2001 David returned to the classroom at Compton High where he became the ELD coordinator and department chair. David returned to school to receive his masters in administration and administrative credential. In 2004 David became a founding teacher of Animo Venice Charter High School where he taught a reading intervention class and Ethnic Studies. In 2008 after seeing the first class graduate he moved into the home office at Green Dot Public Schools where he became the assistant director of new teacher support. In the fall of 2011 David became a Teaching and Learning Coordinator with the Los Angeles Unified School District. He is currently working the local LAUSD service center known as ISIC (Intensive Support & Innovation Center) in an effort to support administrators and teachers on the Teacher Growth and Development Cycle, the new support and evaluation system for teachers.