Maximize your student impact! Join us for a Culturally Responsive Teaching workshop

Teach For America is proud to offer a unique high-impact professional development on Culturally Responsive Teaching to our alumni teachers and school leaders.

Session Title: Journey To Responsiveness: Focus on Culture w/ Dr. Sharroky Hollie

This 3 hr. workshop* will focus on the following outcomes:

• Defines concretely what culturally and linguistically responsive teaching is and why it is necessary in our failing schools today.
• Builds knowledge and creates the context for addressing the needs of underserved students in terms of their sociopolitical and sociolinguistic relativity in the American educational system.
• Promotes the focus on effective instructional strategies utilization in a way that validates and affirms underserved students across content areas and grade levels.

Date: Saturday, September 20th, 2014
Time: 10am – 1pm
Location: Maggiano’s at The Grove Space is limited to the first 30 participants. 
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*This workshop is a pre-cursor to a follow-up training in mid-October. Participants will receive a copy of the book, Culturally and Linguistically Responsive Teaching and Learning: Classroom Practices for Student Success, courtesy of TFA.

About the Expert/Facilitator:
Dr. Sharroky Hollie Sharroky is the executive director of the Center for Culturally Responsive Teaching and Learning, which is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing stellar professional development for educators desiring to become culturally responsive. With the Center, Sharroky serves as a national expert, traveling around the country training thousands of teachers. Over the past 12 years, Sharroky and his team have worked with over 100,000 educators. Learn more....