Apply for the LAUSD/Teach For America Summer Fellowship!

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Program Overview: 

Superintendent Deasy's vision for the transformation of the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) includes a clear prioritization for building a pipeline of great talent. He has stated very clearly that he sees the need to infuse the system with incredible leadership in order to reach his goal of making LAUSD the "epicenter of reform." The Teach For America - Los Angeles District Leadership Fellows Cohort is proposed as a unique opportunity to be part of a larger leadership retention and development initiative built to support the vision of true change management within LAUSD.

The fourth annual cohort is designed to include up to nine cohort members who will spend five weeks working on critical projects related to strategic district priorities. Cohort members will be given the unique opportunity to work alongside top LAUSD staff to build leadership skills, while also gaining greater insight into the needs and opportunities for leadership at the district level. Additionally, the cohort will spend time as a group working collaboratively to strengthen their own connections as emerging leaders in the Los Angeles educational reform movement. Please be aware that this is a full-time commitment, Monday through Friday, for five weeks beginning July 7th and ending August 8th. Fellows will each receive a $3,000 stipend

Candidate Qualifications: 

The Teach For America - Los Angeles District Leadership Fellowship seeks candidates who: 

  • Have at least 3 years of experience in urban education
  • Are interested in pursuing instructional or other leadership roles and/or continuing their commitment to education reform. 
 Strong candidates have a blend of the following competencies:
  • Success in an urban education environment, as demonstrated by academic gains of students taught
  • Proven leadership and relationship building capabilities, as demonstrated by instructional leadership roles
  • Community leadership positions
  • Long-term commitment to education reform, as demonstrated by successfully achieving at least three years of outcome-driven practice in the classroom by June 2014. 
Alumni who are currently LAUSD-employed alumni are strongly encouraged to apply; all other applicants are also welcome. 

Application Process: 

The Teach For America • Los Angeles District Leadership Fellowship participants will be selected through a competitive, two-phase application process. Interested candidates must submit an application and statement of purpose by Thursday, May 29th at 5:00pm PST to Marlin Padilla at Selected applicants will be invited to engage in a panel interview with LAUSD leaders and Teach For America team members. We anticipate notification of acceptance the second week of June.

A few quotes from alums who have participated in this fellowship in the past:

  • “District leadership is no longer a vague, disconnected notion in my eyes, unlike the hazy, negative perception I had of “the Beaudry building” prior to this fellowship. Knowing the direction LAUSD is moving toward and gaining an understanding of where the knowledge gaps are inspires me to want to continue growing as a teacher leader. As I build my capacity and earn my credibility through fostering consistent student growth and achievement, I feel that I can be an informed, legitimate instructional leader. I feel reinvested in my work and feel honored to be working in this profession at this moment of transformational change in Los Angeles.”
  • “I think that this fellowship really solidified for me that we need exceptional leaders and teachers in our schools in order for any reform within the district to really take place. It takes leaders at all levels, including in schools and in classrooms. For this reason, I plan to pursue the path of school leadership as my next step.”
  • “This experience was invaluable. I wish that more educators and administrators had the opportunity to participate in a program like this one so that more people would have a concrete of understanding of the how our elusive bureaucracy actually works. Seeing that people work just as hard at Beaudry as people do on the ground at school sites is reassuring and promotes a sense of solidarity in the work we all do to serve the youth of Los Angeles.”
  • “All of my interactions with the other fellows really helped me grow as an educator and as a leader. As the youngest and least experienced fellow, I really valued my time with the other fellows and feel that I learned a lot from simply working and interacting with them. I also really grew from my experiences with the district leaders that I was able to interact with, both during the breakfasts and lunches and during my own interviews that I engaged in.” 
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