Skype tutor amazing high school students!

HYPEHYPE Los Angeles is a nonprofit organization founded by TFA alums that prepares low-income students for independent high schools and supports students through high school and beyond. As HYPE grows as an organization, they are seeking volunteer Skype tutors to help out with high school students. The HYPE-Skype program would allow a tutor to Skype with a HYPE student once or twice a month to offer extra support in a particular subject area. A lot of times, HYPE students can seek out additional resources to help them if they are having a bit of a struggle, like Khan Academy or Quizlet, but sometimes they need to connect with an actual person to go over a concept. Rather than meeting face- to-face with a tutor, which can be difficult given the landscape of Los Angeles, HYPE wants to create a collaborative brainstorming session where students and a tutor could meet via Skype to work out a thesis or go over a problem set. This would be purely volunteer-based, but the nice thing is it is a very low commitment level, and a volunteer could participate no matter where they are, as long as they have computer access. Please email Rachel Torrey (Los Angeles '05) if you are interested in learning more about this opportunity.