Apply for the BES Fellowship or Summer Leaders Internship by April 14th!

Building Excellent Schools has two opportunities for those interested in urban charter school leadership:

BES Fellowship
The BES Fellowship is a unique opportunity to design, found, and lead a high-performing urban charter school. Highly motivated individuals who are committed to improving urban education participate in rigorous, yearlong training that prepares them to open and operate an urban charter school of their own. Fellows receive a stipend plus benefits, as well as extensive training and support throughout the intensive year. After the Fellowship year, they receive additional assistance and coaching as they guide their schools through startup and early operation.

BES Summer Leaders Internship
The BES Summer Leaders Internship is for graduate students and teachers who wish to develop their leadership capacity and eventually pursue a career in school leadership through the BES Fellowship. Summer Leaders take part in a multi-week intensive program of purposeful study to learn what it takes to lead a high-performing charter school. This is combined with an internship with the founder and leader of an excellent school.

We encourage those interested to apply early. Learn more about both opportunities here. Contact us at or 617-227-4545 with questions.

We also offer a finder's fee for referrals that result in an offer. You can nominate someone by sending us the person’s name and email to